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Who should kick-start the change campaign?

Change is inevitable; it must happen. That means everybody should always prepare for change. Leaders are expected to lead by example. From that perspective, change should begin with our leaders.
Specifically, change should start with the President himself. From my little knowledge, the Federal Government has about 11 aircraft. What is the President doing with those aircraft? It is true that he was not the one that bought the aircraft. But we expect him to sell the aircraft when he came to power. The British Prime Minister travels in commercial aircraft. The US government has only two aircraft. We don’t need 11 aircraft for any reason. We are a poor country. We cannot be poor and live rich. The President should begin the change we have been clamouring for by selling off all the aircraft.
Change should begin with the people. This is because the government is made up of individuals. Parents should begin to change the orientation of their children. Every mother and father should ensure that their children do the right things. Adults should also change their attitude towards national development.
If change starts with the people, it would affect the government in the long run. If the people do the right thing, they would be in a good position to correct the government. When the government goes astray, the people would protest because they know the right thing. People would resist a tyrant when they know what constitutes an ideal society.


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