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No Ex-President Fought Corruption As Much As Buhari – Adeniran

Would you agree that the Fulani herdsmen should be classified as a terrorist group considering their killings and destruction?

I do not buy the idea of calling these criminals Fulani herdsmen terrorists. They may be herdsmen. But, when they kill, they are not usually with the herds. Fulani herdsmen and farmers are always scared of one another. They are supposed to be friends and are not supposed to get on the way of each other. But, crops and cattle are not supposed to be together.

There are many non-Fulani who own cattle. It may not be the cattle rearers who own the cattle. The owners may not want to create enmity between the rearers and the breeding communities. I don’t want to subscribe to the argument that Fulani are violent. We have lived with them for a very long time.

I did a tour recently, crisscrossing South West and South East states. I saw cattle rearers. They still carry their sticks. I wonder if they are the same people carrying guns and shooting people, the case of farmers and herdsmen confounded me. If it was 10 herders who carried out such devastations and security agents could not do anything, I wonder if it was true.

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