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Nigeria cursed with leaders, now largest oil importer – CACOL explodes

The Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership, CACOL, has stated that Nigeria is cursed with bad leaders.

The group said it was a tragic narration that despite being the sixth largest producer of crude oil, the country was the world’s highest importer of refined petroleum oil and the only Member State of Oil Producing Export Country (OPEC) that does so.

CACOL lamented that close to three decades, the existing four refineries in the country have been grounded in what could just be tagged as a grand larceny and economic sabotage by Nigeria’s quisling ruling class.

The statement further read: “This administration was voted for massively by Nigerians on a campaign for change but it is fast becoming the same sour wine re-bottled in new wine skin. It seemingly lacks the political will to confront the cabal that has been holding the petroleum industry in fetish and cruel bondage.

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