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Does Buhari need 10 aircraft?


Honestly, Nigeria has become a country where you cannot have a decent conversation. It is difficult to share a view without being questioned as regards
who you are for or against.

But my view on this issue has been made known long before now. If we are serious, we need to stop pretending. The Nigerian democratic and political class
constitute an embarrassment in terms of the manner they use public resources in relation to the wellbeing of the masses.

Considering the state of the country, if I were the President, I would sell off the aircraft. People may think that is extreme but I don’t think it is.
There are countries which do not have a presidential jet not to talk of a fleet. Yet, the presidents of those countries still move around.

The mindset of many of those who have governed Nigeria is different. What do we need those aircraft for? I do not see their usefulness, not when there
are serious challenges that need to be addressed. – • Pat Utomi (Professor of Political Economics)
Many of the questions bothering Nigeria are not the ones you can say yes or no to. We need clear thinking to answer some of the questions.


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