Good that EFCC would receive these written explanations from Lawyers, more dignifying than forcing written statements. They took a hint perhaps from my interventionist email a few days ago that they should send an email to the former AGF Bello Adoke SAN to seek clarifications on all these matters. I have just read one of the presidential SAs say we will "respect human rights". Thank you y/our human rights campaigns are working. Locking up citizens anyhow in the course of investigations barbaric and what if they are not culpable?.

Make no mistake about it, AGF Adoke SAN is culpable 85% of those external lawyers  he dealt with say worse than AGF Aondoakaa.  Chief Aondoakaa was called a bribe taker. Do you know that the N75Billion pensions claim case AGF Aondoakaa gave to my firm to conduct on behalf of the Federal Government in 2008-2009 and the matter is still pending, I did not give a dime of a bribe to AGF Aondoakaa. The case stretched till the end of Adoke’s tenure. That was the AGF I did not give Adoke a bribe also but he was very hostile as if he was expecting something. Unfortunately I have never given a bribe and I have never received a bribe. I know an Ekiti SAN and  NBA President 2002-2004 remove "bribery and corruption" and you have killed his law practice.

So during Adoke’s tenure he called a meeting of all the lawyers in the matter with a view to out of court settlement. He was hostile just shouting un-provocatively and I was just looking at him. I was saying to myself what is wrong with the AGF?. The Director of Civil Litigation was also part of the meeting. Next AG Adoke said looking in my direction “we are going to take this brief and assign another brief to you”. I was still looking at him and the meeting ended and I returned to my desk to write the AGF and I copied the DCL and I reminded them of the landmark steps I had taken. I sought to be given a reason why it is at this juncture when parties are resolving that…?

They got my letter and I think the AGF must have said something like “this is not the type of lawyer to trample on”.  Pensions matter proceeded, I continued my legal work.

So the Solicitor General of the Federation held a couple of meetings with counsel on all sides and the offer of N…..Billion was accepted by the pensioners lawyers. Terms of agreement drafted. The AGF Adoke SAN was to present these to FEC for approval, did he? I don’t know. However,  the regime ended pensions claim still pending.

But that is not where I am getting to, when AGF assigns a brief you write and state fees. If they accept a fee during AGF Aondoakaa’s tenure, within 3-4 weeks of your filing court processes half of your fees was processed and paid. You will get no further payment of your fees until the case is concluded and CTC of Order/Judgment shown. Aondoakaa would write/minute on process, and did not look up to a bribe from me. He also did not shout without being provoked and I had no reason to provoke him. Because he did not demand and did not act as though had expected bribe.

Thank you