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By Miles Olu & Joseph Chukwudebe

The executive chairman of Center For Anti-Corruption And Open Leadership (CACOL) Comrade Debo Adeniran at a press conference at the humanity Centre, Ojokoro, Ijaiye Lagos that Nigerians should be exceedingly careful and thoughtful of those leaders that should be voted for come 2019 general elections. At a press conference that he titled Anti-climax of a crescendo, Narratives of 2019 general elections and as he further used an Igbo adage “A man stung Wasp, fears the buzz of a housefly

“Speaking at the press conference Comrade Adeniran said that the press conference coincides with the international woman day celebration globally as CACOL Lagos the entire globe, and again comrade Adeniran said that they identified with the  struggles and pages of women in this contemporary globe dominated by patiently and capitalism CACOL believes that Nigeria are fed up with forlorn promises and hopes dangled by politician that democratic rule would bring  the nation to El dorado as Nigeria did fight valiantly  to overthrow the jackbooted military dictatorship demanding the restoration of democracy  government as the human rights and pro-democratic crusades were littered with lots of broken bones, heads and lost souls, CACOL says the spirits of the down trodden , masses did remain high till the return of democracy rule in May 29th, 1999, but very sadly the entire federation has watch haplessly and helplessly as succeeding democratic leadership rule has not really favored the citizens. Speaking at the humanity center, comrade Adeniran said that the alarming records coming out to the public domain from all nooks and crannies show a nation that is seriously flowing with a heavy awful hemorrhaging because of the brazen looting of its treasury by her greedy leadership.

Speaking at the humanity center the executive chairman, CACOL, Comrade Adeniran outlines the indices of the nation’s Problems such as Annual Corruption Perception Index where the Nation corruption perception became exceedingly bad between 2016 and 2017 as released by Annual Corruption Perception Index (COI)by Transparency International (TI) over country shifted from 12 position in the country rankings from 136 in 2016 to 148 in 2017, as the rankings, are from 1 to 180 with 180 indicating the country having the highest perception of corruption and again comrade Adeniran said that since may 29th 2015 President Mohammadu Buhari started calling the shots at Aso rock villa, Abuja that our nation ranking in the International press freedom index has witnessed a very low declined as the country is currently surveyed in 2017.

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