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The Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership (CACOL) has called on the federal government, the National Assembly and the Executive arm in charge of the Police Trust Fund (PTF) on the present state of police barracks across the country.

In a release issued by the Media Officer, Toyin Odofin on behalf of the Executive Chairman of the Centre, Debo Adeniran, he stated “Police barracks across the country are gradually trudging towards danger. In 2017, our Force was rated one of the top five worst police organizations in the world at the 2016 World Internal Security and Police Index.” It was revealed that, the decrepit condition of the police barracks, which makes it imperative for the National Assembly and the Executive arm to find a common ground to expedite the passage of the Police Trust Fund, which would provide legislative framework for improving the living conditions of the Force. For instance, some policemen live in poorly equipped and dilapidated barracks, while majority lives among the civilians in low level rented apartment without basic amenities. In most cases the barracks have been converted to offices as a result of inadequate office space. This situation tends to affect the general morale of the police and also the performance level.

However, the level of unabashed neglect is disheartening and disgusting, ranging from dilapidated buildings, stinking gutters, shabby electric wiring, broken staircases, broken doors and shattered windows, torn roofs, and rusty balconies etc., are what will behold. Heaps of waste and many other unpleasant sights complete the nauseating picture of neglect you will see. The barracks could pass for rat holes and slums and yet officers reside in them.  Most old and dilapidated buildings at some of the police barracks across the country are on the verge of collapsing, something that has been traced to the lack of maintenance culture in the country.  Also, it was gathered that most of the funds allocated for the construction of police barrack across the country are been looted by some people. It is high time we call for a system reform on the condition of these barracks. Meanwhile, it is unfortunate that the people at the helm of affairs have been siphoning the money meant for the project for their own personal use.

The CACOL Boss added, “We aver that government should adhere to the call of the Nigerian police force on the state of their disrepair barracks. Also, Efforts should be made to build more barracks and provide accommodation for policemen which will enhance their productivity.” 

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