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APC Led Government Has No Direction –Adeniran

Debo Adeniran, the Executive Chairman, the Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership (CACOL), recently spoke with selected journalists on the state of the nation, especially the recent happenings in the Senate. EJIKEME OMENAZU brings an excerpt:

With what is happening between the Senate and the Presidency over confirmation of some top government officials, how cohesive would you say the APC government is?

We are in an inauspicious period given the happenings in recent time. But, we shall collectively continue to play our different roles in the strife to better our country and to save it from the dangerous abyss some intend to keep it in as an entity. I have to say that at the Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership (CACOL), we have watched very closely the character of the present Senate right from the very day it was inaugurated, just like that of the Presidency, the Judiciary and other superstructures of governance under All Progressive Congress (APC) led ‘Change’ government of the federation. The intrigues, melodrama, insensitivities, horse-trading, etc, still point to our postulations that governance has basically been directionless and that ‘distractions’ is the mode of governing being practised since the commencement of the present administration. We pointed out then that the future was foggy for the country.

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