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2019: Buhari remains Nigeria’s best option – Adeniran, CACOL boss

How would you sum up the year 2017?

2017 was so eventful, there were lots of confusion in the polity but at the level of CACOL we didn’t expect things could have been better because the country was handed over to the ruling party that didn’t know they would win the 2015 presidential election in the first place.

The administration started on a wobbling note because of the level of degeneracy in the country. The president fell sick and there was confusion whether he was going to make it or not; the acting president couldn’t act with all the authority of the office of the president, issues that were supposed to be of national importance were put in abeyance.

So far it has been so good, it may not have been better if it were other political parties at the helms of affairs, and it would have been worse if it were the PDP that continued because they were actually ruining us. The way they were progressing in error, they would have led us into the precipice of cataclysm.

The expectation of the people was that the new government was going to affect some changes and some changes they did effect but because their detractors, especially the opposing parties would not want people to see the modest achievements the administration made, they continue to mask it with propaganda. But so far, the best we can get is what we are getting now. However we believe it is possible that we can do things differently and better. But we can only achieve that with system change.

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