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Nass N13bn Budget for Refreshments, Travel and Welfare; a Budget of Agony – CACOL

The Centre for AntiCorruption and Open Leadership, CACOL has responded to the 13 billion naira appropriation for the National Assembly as passed by the legislature on Thursday, stating that the budget is apparently a ‘budget of agony’.

Describing the budget for the NASS as insensitive, gluttonous and selfish, Mr. Debo Adeniran, the Executive Chairman of CACOL said that, should the acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo assent to it as passed by legislators, then, it would confirm that the Executive and the Legislature are in cahoots to continue to keep the vast majority of Nigerians in perpetually in pains.

The NASS had earlier this week passed the 2017 Appropriation bill for the Presidency to assent to. The budget estimates totals in 7.441trillion naira with NASS estimates standing at the humongous level of 13bn.

“The demonstration of insensitiveness to the sufferings and very pressing needs of the people is made very manifest by the budget 1.3 billion naira for ‘refreshments, travels and welfare’ for NASS. These are legislators that are too ‘embarrassed’ by the humongous remunerations such that they have to shroud it in secrecy as it were, but are yet to satiate their gluttonous tendencies and thus apparently looking for means to corruptly enrich themselves more. This is totally unacceptable!”

“They want to utilize any means possible to continue to impoverish the people while they rollick in illegitimate stupendous wealth. Nigerians must reject this; we must stop those that are hell-bent on the despoliation of our country. We call on the acting President to not assent to a budget that prioritize the insatiable greed and the self-aggrandizing ends of the political class over the class of the downtrodden, the oppressed and exploited who are the majority.’ Adeniran concluded.

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