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Ibori’s conviction stands despite bribery evidence –UK court

The conviction of a former governor of Delta State, James Ibori, for fraud and money laundering remained valid despite evidence that a British police officer took bribes during the investigation of his case, Reuters quoted Britain’s state prosecution agency to have said this on Thursday.
Ibori, who served as the governor of Delta State between 1999 and 2007, is currently serving a 13-year jail term in a British prison after pleading guilty in 2012 to 10 counts of fraud and money laundering.
But the case has become an embarrassment for Britain since one of Ibori’s associates, convicted money-launderer Bhadresh Gohil, alleged that the judicial process was tainted because prosecutors had covered up evidence of police corruption.
Authorities initially denied everything and charged Gohil with perverting the course of justice, but that prosecution was abruptly dropped in January.


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