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End the illegal arms epidemic in Nigeria

The latest massive arms seizure by men of the Nigeria Customs Service clearly mirrors the daunting nature of the security challenges facing the country today. Indeed, it should also serve as a wake-up call to the security agents to plug all loopholes and ensure that the country ceases to be a dumping ground for weapons.

For a country already brimming with guns and gun crimes, the seizure, in one haul, of 440 guns is both frightening and disquieting. In countries that put premium on security, it should cause sleepless nights for security chiefs. The situation, more than ever before, demands more rigorous patrols and checks at the various entry points into the country, be it at the land borders, the airports or the seaports.

It is even more disconcerting that an even bigger haul of 661 pump-action rifles was intercepted in January after it had successfully beaten every security cordon at the Apapa Port and was about escaping when it was tracked down, after a tip-off. More staggering was the fact that the arms-bearing container had been purportedly checked and certified free to go with its deadly contents.

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