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Corruption as a pre-existing condition

A beleaguered woman on my discussion forum was recently very generous with her diatribes and invectives on Nigerian politicians and their disciples-in-crime: “How can a human being steal that much money and bury it in a grave? Oh, my God. They want to kill us in this country. Money that will build roads, schools, and give us light and water all over this country… God will fight for us. We can’t fight for ourselves. I am tired of this country…”

Opinions such as this flood the discussion dais daily from all around the world. You probably have heard worse. You are likely to have expressed fiercer. I have also in recent past drawn and brandished sharper sword of words about Nigeria’s malignant malaise, CORRUPTION. But before you stand still in a continuum of ravishing opprobrium, heed this warning. Any time you strive to analyse the country and appropriately fight on her behalf, switch your mind to the “Safe” mode to avert a heart attack. Thinking and talking about Nigeria’s many problems can kill.

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