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CACOL Stand in Solidarity With the Working People of Nigeria

Debo Adeniran, Executive Chairman, CACOL

The Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership, CACOL stands in solidarity with the working people of Nigeria, Africa and globally just as we identify their struggles on the occasion of workers day.

We condemn the subsisting socio-political and economic order which have consciously and perpetually ensured the impoverishment of the working people who are the creators of the wealth of the society.

It is an absolute contradiction that as today, it is these creators of the wealth of the society that bear the brunt of the neo-liberal order that is responsible for the harrowing existence of the working people while the operators of exploitative system represented in the government rollick in humongous wealth.

We condemn the order that have made corruption its mode of governance predicated on its capitalist inclinations which has led to the situation where the 99% of the people wallow in abject penury.

We condemn strongly the government at both the States and Federal levels for owing workers and pensioners their salaries and pensions while standing in solidarity with the legitimate demand for the an increase in national minimum wage.

We condemn the mode of governance which has taken away jobs from the people rather than creating for them.
We submit that it is the present order with its neo-liberal policies that is responsible for the excruciating situation of existence of the working people and to achieve the liberation of working people would inevitably take concerted struggles to change the subsisting system.

We encourage the workers in the organized trade unions in Nigeria particularly to shun divisionism and embrace unity because this is what will catalyze the process of radically altering the condition of living of the working people in our country.

We support and identify with the struggles of the workers in their informal and other organized formations. We reiterate our call for the quashing of the insensitive ban on street trading, hawking and other efforts for survival by the people following the failure of government to create employment opportunities that will automatically make such jobs unattractive.

It is the constitutional responsibility of government to cater for the security and welfare of the people. It is the duty of government to protect the poor and downtrodden and their interests not just the interests of the rich few.

Workers of Nigeria, Unite!
Workers of Africa, Unite!!
Workers of the World Unite!!!

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