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In recent weeks, there were reports in the media alleging that the wife of the immediate past President, Mrs. Patience Jonathan was involved in acts of money laundering and forgery. This was brought to the awareness of the public after the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC froze bank accounts belonging to the former first lady with a total balance of $15m. While these allegations are still under investigation by the EFCC, a fresh case emerged which linked Mrs. Jonathan to another set of bank accounts with a balance of $40m by the anti-graft Agency.
The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL) through its Executive Chairman, Mr. Debo Adeniran have demanded that the anti-graft agency invites the former first lady to explain how such funds became available to her. He stated that, “during the tenure of the Jonathan administration, there was no constitutionally recognized office for the first lady; hence, there was no financial allocation to that effect. This opens a door of questions on how such funds ended up in the control of Mrs. Jonathan.”
“We demand a logical explanation from Patience Jonathan to these allegations and discoveries. It should not be a case whereby those who go into government with nothing come out with the wealth of the nation as their only accomplishments. And we are reiterating our call to the EFCC to carry out its constitutional duty by inviting Mrs. Jonathan for interrogation over these obviously inexplicable funds.”
While commending the EFCC for it efforts over the past one year, the Chairman of CACOL said, “the Commission must wake up to its constitutionally backed duties, because the fight against corruption must achieve convictions which will serve as deterrent to other corrupt elements in the country.”
“The Patience Jonathan case is another test case for the anti-corruption drive of this regime, it will reveal whether indeed some ‘criminals’ are superior to the others in the battle to rid our country of corruption. We assert that Madam Jonathan has no constitutional immunity to interrogation, investigation and even prosecution!”
“It is time to not just say ‘enough is enough’, we must act it out, to give the bite needed to confront corruption, as long as our actions are within the ambit of the laws. The former first lady has a lot of explaining to do as regards these allegations and hopefully this would not be another corruption case that would be established by the EFCC in the media only to be forgotten about like so many others.” Adeniran concluded

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