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CACOL Calls for Thorough Investigations of Sanusi, Former Aide to Ex-Governor of Bauchi State

Centre for Anti-Corruption has called for the deepening of investigations of the circumstances surrounding the seizure of some properties and ammunition from one Mr. Sanusi Mohammed, a former aide to ex-Governor of Bauchi State, Isa Yuguda.
The media on Wednesday reported that the Independent Corrupt Practices and other related Commission through a whistle-blower had apprehended 220 flats and 20 estates ranging from two-bedroom to three-bedroom flats inside, four sophisticated guns with 165 rounds of ammunition, five exotic cars and 15 new air-conditioners were found inside the buildings as well 25 designer wrist-watches, some cash and 20 bales of brocade.
Debo Adeniran, the Executive Chairman speaking on behalf of CACOL commended the ICPC for this feat it has achieved while also calling for the reinforcement of the ICPC and other anti-corruption agencies as sharp practices corruption continues.
He said, “There is need for the underpinning of the ICPC, EFCC and other anti-corruption agencies so as to have requisite capacity to carry out detailed investigations and prosecution of cases of corruption. If they must thrive, then they must be empowered and provided with every resource that they need.
Applauding whistle blowing as one the veritable means of combating, the anti-corruption and good governance crusader said “discovery and seizure of the items from Sanusi and Andrew Yakubu, former NNPC GMD, Diezani etc indicate that the whistle blowing policy is really beneficial in battling corruption because people who clearly live above their legitimate means of earnings can get expose more easily.”
“These agencies should also look in the direction of the numerous aides, special assistants and others because most of them apparently front for dubious politicians to perpetrate corrupt practices and sleaze of unimaginable levels. As such CACOL is calling on ICPC to do deeper investigations to reveal the entire circumstance that surrounds the Sanusi episode including investigating his former Principal, Mr. Yuguda and other possible ‘accomplices’.”

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