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CACOL calls for reversal of new Lagos Land Use charge

The Centre for Anti- Corruption and Open Leadership has called for the reversal of the increment in the Land Use Charge and

re-introduction of  the tenement rate in Lagos State.

Speaking at a press conference in Lagos on Thursday, CACOL, through its Executive Chairman, Comrade Debo Adeniran, said Lagos State should put a human face to its developmental plans, noting, “It is demographically wrong to build a city for only the rich.”

“As much as this state has the envious record of almost being self-sustaining courtesy of its aggressive revenue drive, yet, the poor and toiling populace have no resting place as they are heavily taxed and brutally displaced from their homes and places of work.

“The general cry is for the state to put a human face to its developmental plans. It is demographically wrong to build a city only for the rich.

CACOL has raised it at every opportunity that class is of essence in societal and city development.

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