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CACOL Criticizes Buhari’s Indifference Towards Panama Papers

Members of CACOL speaking at the press conference

In its press conference, the group described the 2016 budget as “a budget of corruption,” revealing “several ‘paddings,’ ‘inflated figures,’ … and bloated and unnecessary expenses.” They demanded “urgent passage” of the budget now.

CACOL lamented the state of the Nigerian economy, which has been hit hard by slumping oil prices on the global market. The group criticized the Nigerian government for giving into the demands of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank by embracing neoliberal policies, such as privatization schemes. The group also attacked leaders for their failure to address the extreme poverty so much of the nation faces.

“Prior to now and till now, no government since 1999 has attempted to implement or even bothered about what Chapter 2 of Nigerian Constitution says, and that is the ground norm upon which government is instituted; this explains why there is no social protection for the extremely poor. A political will to begin to make social economic rights as enshrined in chapter 2 of the constitution enforceable would be a departure from the past which will indicate clearly the direction of government socio-economically.”

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