Archive - November 2015


Dear Patriot, You are hereby patriotically invited to 2015 CACOL’S ANTI-CORRUPTION TOUR to monitor some Federal and Lagos state budgetary deficits typified by...

Minimum wage war

The declaration by the Governors’ Forum on why states may not be able to continue with the N18, 000 minimum wage has set them on a collision course with the...

Buhari and the returned loot

The age of the New Media is characterised by, among other appurtenances, the ubiquity of digital devices that enable us to grasp fleeting moments and freeze...

CACOL condemns Lamorde’s sack

Posted By: AYO ESANon: November 11, 2015 President Muhammadu Buhari had last Monday announced the unceremo­nious removal of the Chair­man of the Economic and...

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